workPackage WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP3 - Social Survey to quantify links between ES and Health/Poverty

WP3 will identify the significant ES and environmental determinants of health and livelihoods in a range of communities. It will determine the key interactions between environmental and ES conditions which predict health and livelihood status for delta populations (effectively understanding socio-environmental pathways to poor health and poverty in deltas). This study will form the basis of quantitative models to describe the impact of environmental factors on health and poverty.

WT3.1 A spatial analysis of existing secondary data and inputs from WP2 will be undertaken initially to select a range of communities to study according to known ecosystem-poverty relationships using the literature review carried out in the first three months of the study

WT3.2 The sampling strategy will select approximately 20 communities from Bangladesh coastal region from differing ecosystem domains according to the spatial analysis conducted in WT3.1. This process will involve optimised use of the secondary data as provided by the extensive experience and work in the region of the Bangladeshi partners.

WT3.3 The engagement of the communities for the study will be carried out by WP2 with extensive community engagement as part of their initial qualitative appraisals – effectively gaining consent of local leadership and cooperatives for a subsequent survey in two rounds in the communities.

WT3.4 The sampling and design of this survey will be entirely informed by the conceptual work from WP2. The survey will include a i) baseline and ii) follow up survey, to allow the results to reflect deteriorations over time and differences before and after a flood season

WT 3.5 A rigorous pilot survey will be conducted

WT 3.6 Analysis of results and quantification of appropriate elements of the conceptual model. The results of this study will be used to parameterise the social component of the ES and poverty/health models to be integrated under WP4.