The ‘ESPA Delta’ project has built a strategic team of partners in Bangladesh, India and the UK, and across a wide range of relevant disciplines.  There are UK partners in the Universities of Southampton (lead), Exeter, Dundee, Oxford as well as The Plymouth Marine Laboratory, NOCS Liverpool and the Hadley Centre. In Bangladesh partnerships are established with Bangladeshi University of Engineering & Technology  (BUET/Lead), Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BARI), Technological Assistance for Rural Advancement (TARA),  Ashroy Foundation (Rural development), Bangladeshi Agricultural University (BAU),Bangladeshi institute of Development Studies (BIDS), CEGIS & International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B). The project’s Indian partners are IITK (Kanpur) and University of Jadavpur.

Working in close relationship with the government of Bangladesh the project will develop and apply multi-disciplinary methods that are transferable across other populous delta systems. This process is supported by the exchange with Indian researchers who will work both with Bangladeshi partners in field and analysis campaigns and in India, by assessing the transferability of the methodology.  The project will link with other relevant UK ES research projects and follow-up ESRC-funded work on community fisheries in Orissa.

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