6th National Level Stakeholder workshop in Dhaka, Bangladesh 7 May 2016

ESPA Delta project held its 6th national level stakeholder workshop at GED, Dhaka on 7 May 2016. The workshop aimed to present the key messages emerging from the ΔDIEM baseline simulation results to the stakeholders. Prof Alam chaired and opened the meeting stating the need for a holistic view in sustainable governance in Bangladesh. He discussed the importance of the developing Bangladesh Delta Plan and the potential importance of the ESPA Deltas project to provide supplementary information for this key document. Prof Munsur Rahman briefly introduced the project, followed by the joint presentation of Prof Mashfiqus Salehin and Dr Attila Lazar describing the integrated assessment framework (i.e. ΔDIEM), its assumptions and the emerging key findings. The lively question-answer session further dissected the results. The meeting was closed by Prof. Alam stating that he saw substantial potential in the use of the model and that finding further support for its continued development was now important.He also stated he was looking forward to the potentially fruitful future cooperation between the Bangladesh General Economic Division and the ESPA Deltas team.

Posted 13/05/2016 13:54 by Attila Lazar (Southampton), Craig Hutton (Southampton)

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