Stakeholders discuss interventions during Stakeholder Workshop

ESPA Deltas 30 Month Consortium Meeting, Khulna, 1-6 Dec 2014

The entire ESPA Deltas Consortium met in Khulna, a city South West of Dhaka, Bangladesh for the 30 Month Consortium Workshop. The meeting consisted of a three day workshop, plus a one day fieldtrip. The field trip was an opportunity to visit the study area and observe the effects of shrimp farming, as well as polder erosion.

The Consortium also used the time to meet with local stakeholders and undertook several group exercises to determine the main issues and possible interventions in the area. Stakeholders were keen to note the issues with salinity and the salt tolerance of crops. The Mayor of Khulna welcomed the project during his introductory speech to stakeholders.

Posted 13/08/2015 12:05 by Claire Burke

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